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That's why it's important to take your old tires to a qualified Orlando recycling drop-off center.

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Donate your car to keep it out of the landfill. Completing a DIY renovation? Carpets When it's time to update your flooring covers or rip out old carpet , consider giving your old rug new life by donating it. Oil-based paints contain toxic chemicals, so never pour leftover paint down a drain or throw it out in the regular trash. Find an Orlando recycling center or a collection site that accepts paint to make sure it is disposed of safely.

Recycling scrap metal helps conserve natural resources and landfill space. It may even earn you a few bucks because most Orange County recycling centers will pay for your scrap. Most electronics contain hazardous chemicals that can leech into the environment when placed in landfills. Contact these Orlando electronics recycling centers to get e-waste off your hands without dropping it in the garbage can. Check out our electronics disposal guide for more information. Cellphones Cellphones contain valuable rechargeable batteries, making them an ideal recyclable. Use the Orlando electronics recycling resources below to get rid of your old phone.

As with most electronics, computers contain a number of hazardous metals, as well as valuable materials that should be conserved whenever possible. Explore the recycling options below when getting rid of a computer. To prevent water and soil contamination in Orlando, get rid of old TVs the right way. Appliances actually contain a lot of recyclable plastics and metals.

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Use the list below to find a suitable recycler for your old appliances. Check out our appliance disposal guide for more information. Use this Orlando recycling resource to find ways to recycle household items before sending them to the landfill. Mattresses Mattresses are not always allowed in landfills, because of their size and the materials they contain. Before dropping your mattress on the curb, learn how to break down a mattress or find a solution for mattress removal in Orlando. Check out our mattress disposal guide for more information. If your old clothing or bedding is still in good condition, donating it will not only conserve resources but also help those in need.

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Medicines can contaminate the water system or be accidentally ingested, causing potentially health consequences. Whenever possible, medications should be disposed of at a designated drop-off facility.

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Pour them from their original bottles into a disposable container with a lid. Mix an undesirable substance like coffee grounds or cat litter into the container with the medication so it will not be accidentally ingested. Place the disposable container in the trash. Sharps, such as syringes and needles, carry a risk of spreading diseases.

When throwing away sharps, place syringes, sharps or needles inside a sturdy plastic container with a lid, such as an empty bleach bottle. Once it is full, screw the lid on tightly and seal with duct tape.

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The new goal is 75 percent. Though jurisdictions hold the responsibility for meeting the waste diversion mandates, it is residents and businesses that generate the waste. Businesses are accustomed to including requirements in their operational plans.

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Families' recycling plans typically are dictated by the color of the bins delivered by waste haulers. Then there are the unanswered questions about what goes where. That's what America Recycles Day is all about.

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A national initiative of the Keep America Beautiful campaign, the outreach effort invites people and organizations to take a recycling pledge. Just bring hazardous waste or e-waste to any of the County's four Collection Centers on Tuesday, November 15, between 9 a. Cities, nonprofit organizations, waste haulers and the County itself are taking the pledge and hosting all matter of recycling and promotional events.

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  7. In partnership with the Discovery Cube and Angels Baseball, the County conducts ongoing educational outreach efforts, designed to imprint reduce, reuse and recycle behaviors into the consciousness of the next generation. To focus attention on recycling, the County of Orange issued a proclamation that recognizes the ongoing work of cities, waste haulers and nonprofit organizations in the OC.

    Every city promotes and supports recycling efforts in some way, from Fix It Clinics that encourage reuse versus disposal to composting, paper shredding and collection events.

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    Below are links to recycling efforts of all Orange County cities and jurisdictions. Ever wonder how you can create less waste and help save resources for the future? It just takes a few simple steps to reduce your trash.