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Linette Lopez. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. And for fuck's sake, tip the poor bastard a little better. It will teach you all about humility and respect for your fellow man. Your server is not your servant, and you have no right to treat him or her like dirt when they're the ones trying to help you have an enjoyable meal.


Thanks x 9 LOL! Jun 22, at PM The other thing some people may not realize or appreciate, if you are too demanding with people who are preparing your food, they might be more than a little tempted to secretly compromise what they bring to you as payback Thanks x 5. Sometimes, I'm a picky eater, but that has more to do with my experience with a lot of food places in the last decade.

20 Dollar Chef: Philly Cheesesteak Presented By Steak-Umm

I don't know about anybody else but for some reason, it's becoming more frequent that my toppings a being put on the bottom. The only toppings I had wanted was sweet peppers and onions with a little bit of hoagie dressing. When I removed the wrapping from sandwich, I lie to you not, this heifer puts the lettuce, onions, peppers and cheese underneath the turkey.

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Who the fuck told her that was a good idea? Now when I ask for toppings, I have them put it on the side depending where I go. I get more upset when ppl hold up the line because they are indecisive or ask a million questions about basic food. I was waiting in line for a bubble wrap and this lady behind me was asking the cashier questions about the ingredients and if you can mix the flavors. Mind you they had a allergy listing and they had the options on the wall. Thanks x 4.

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The sense of entitlement in this thread is ridiculous. I can tell most of you have never worked in fast food or food service. It's usually about the customer's attitude, not the specific request that bothers us. Wanting no ice, light ice, etc is not an issue. Yeah we are side eying the hell of you.

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  4. Also the types that order a water cup at the window when you pay or when you pick up your order at the hand off plane, it's rude because you need to order that when ordering your other items. It sets the employees behind. Also cups and lids have to be accounted for when completing monthly inventory. If you are nice and polite, we don't mind the extra requests. admin