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See the below table to access your allotted Keywords and Messages. How do I set up my keyword? Click on the Manage tab in the upper control panel. Next, click on Keywords on the left navigation. In the Select Group drop-down box, select the Group you want to personalize. Then, name the Keyword as you would like it to be viewed by your customer. The keyword must be one word. What if the keyword I requested is already taken? If you have selected a keyword that already is in use, a small window will appear below, notifying you that this keyword is taken.

You must then choose another keyword that is not already in use. What do I put in the Response field? The Response field is the text that the person's phone will receive after texting the keyword for the first time. What does Auto-Subscribe feature mean?

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Checking the Auto Subscribe box will subscribe all individuals who text the keyword to the group you've selected in the drop-down menu. This will allow you to send future text messages. What is an Already Subscribed Response? This field specifies the response sent to users who have previously subscribed to that keyword. Here you can alert the user that they are already subscribed to this keyword, send a second offer, or just communicate ongoing information. Thanks for checking back in. You are already subscribed to KellysSalon, but stay tuned for updates!

Joe's Pizza Offer - Thanks for checking back in! Only offered to our Mobile VIP's. What is the Notify feature? The Notify feature gives you the option of notifying an admin each time a user texts that keyword. Can I edit my Keyword after it is saved? You can continue to update and edit by returning to the Keywords page and choosing the keyword you would like to edit. Remember that once you change a keyword it will become available for other users to reserve. How do I delete a Keyword? To delete a keyword, click Delete next to the appropriate keyword.

To cancel or save your settings, click Cancel or Save. What happens when I delete a Keyword? Once you delete a keyword, those that have subscribed to the keyword will still be saved to the group, however not to the specific keyword. In order to re-use the deleted keyword with new subscribers, you must delete and then re-create the keyword. How do I set an expiration date on my Keyword response? Adding an expiration date to offers made in messages allows the sender to drive subscribers to redeem the offer in a specified period of time. First, go to your Keywords page and click Edit next to the Keyword you would like to add an offer and expiration date.

You can add this to your Response, or to the Already Subscribed Response depending on whether you would like to target new subscribers or existing subscribers. You are already subscribed to KellysSalon. Use this mobile coupon for a Free Haircut! Click on the Manage tab at the top of the page. Next, click on Organization on the left side of the screen. In the Select drop-down box, select your Organization name. Once you have edited and personalized the desired organization information, click Save. How do I add a Group? To add a group to a division, select the desired division from the drop-down menu and select Add Group.

This will bring up a screen asking you to specify the new group's name. Name the new group and specify if you'd like to keep the new group public keeping the group public makes the group visible on the widget, allowing users to subscribe to it via the widget if that is in use.

To finish adding the group, select "Add". How do I add a subscriber?

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To add a subscriber to a group, click on Manage on the top control panel. Next, click on Subscribers on the left navigation. Enter the subscriber's phone or email and click Continue. If the subscriber is not already registered in the system, you can add subscriber information such as First and Last Name, phone numbers, and email, if supplied. This information is not necessary to adding the subscriber to a group. Click Update to save this subscriber. Next, add the subscriber to by going to the Select Group drop-down menu, selecting the desired group, and clicking Add. Once the subscriber is added to the group, you will have the option of text, email or both to reach that specific subscriber.

In order to add that subscriber to another group, repeat the steps above. How do I remove a subscriber?

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To remove a subscriber from a group, click on Manage on the top control panel. Next click on Subscribers on the left navigation. You should now be able to view which group the subscriber belongs to. Click Remove next to the appropriate group in which you wish to unsubscribe the subscriber. How do I add a User? To add a user an individual you would like to grant access to a company, division or group, click on Manage from the top control panel.

Next, click on Users on the left navigation.

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First search for the user by entering their phone or email. This search will yield which companies, divisions, or groups they have access to. To add the specified user, select the desired company, division or group from the drop down menu and click Add Access. The user will have access to anything underneath the access that is specified.

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For example: A person with company access would be able to view and edit all divisions and groups under that company, while a person with just group access would only be able to view and edit that particular group. To Add a User That isn't Found in the System: If the user is not found after searching, they can be added to the system. To do this, after the search, fill in the applicable information and click "Create".

Complete the steps as seen in "Adding a User" above to finish adding the user. Sending a message from the Organization Tree allows you to select the entire organization, division, or group from the tree. If you check next to the entire organization, each division under that organization will receive the message. However, if you only check next to a specific group, only the subscribers of that group will receive the message. Once you have selected the organization, division or group to receive the message, you can create your message and press send.

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Sending a message with the Address Book allows you to select message recipients by the group that they are subscribed to. You will see subscribers listed by either their phone number or last name. Simply check the subscriber or subscribers you would like to receive the message and press send.

Sending a message by individual allows you to select a particular individual to send a message to. Use the raffle feature to randomly select a subscriber from a group. How do I schedule a message?

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Check the box Schedule Message. First decide which manner you want to send the message: by Organization Tree, Address Book or Individual.

Connecting with the 4th Tier

Select the desired date for the message to be sent. Checking Repeat Reminder will provide options to repeat the message. Next, select the time for the message to be sent, as well as the amount of minutes, hours, days or weeks before the event for the message to be delivered.

Checking the "Include appointment time in message" box will automatically insert the appointment's details into the message. Compose the message click Schedule Message to schedule the message. How do I run a raffle? I do not know about you but I take my mobile phone everywhere I go, using it continuously everyday of the week. I am always in communication with my family friends, Facebook and work related business using mobile messagingon a daily basis.

Just think about how many times you look at your phone in any given day. Additionally you are able to set up Text messaging campaigns to advertise and promote your business, advertise special promotions at any time via a Text Message BALST to the subscribers for that business.

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  • You are able to create campaigns using Mobile Coupons with the ability to track the redemption rate all in the back office of iZgg. One last thing to consider when researching a company that is I always look at, the Leadership Team.

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    Although the company is relatively new, the brains behind iZigg are not new to this business. With over years of combined experience in the direct marketing business and direct ownership in global companies responsible for payouts in excess of million dollars to their direct sales representatives. Elliot Scott and Jason Borne making up the leadership team. Overall iZigg is a great Company with an exceptional product and a great leadership team. I truly believe that Mobile Messaging is the going to be a very big part of anyone doing business online or off line.

    Rich Miller Online Blog. Final Thoughts about iZigg….