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You'll find big flavors in the tiny town of Amo. Homemade sauce is the key ingredient in their tasty pizzas and impressive strombolis. This long-time Italian establishment on the northeast side of the historic Hendricks County Courthouse Square in Danville, takes pride in every dish. As its name would indicate, this popular hangout gives you gives its customers the rock star treatment as well as music memorabilia throughout the dining area. Home Trip Ideas. About this trip idea Gooey cheese.

Javascript must be enabled to view this map. Perillo's Pizza facebook. Mediterranean Pizza medipizza. So Italian! Eatery soitalian. Pizza Paradise lovepizzaparadise. Amo Pizza facebook. Life of the party. Nothing but net. At his bar. Plump is friendly, outgoing and gregarious. A driving force. Peterson isn't shy about promoting his pet projects, such as Indy Works and the Colts stadium.

And did we mention the Colts stadium? Wallace was a successful soldier and politician, but he's best known for writing Ben-Hur. Agonizes over decisions, and is stubborn once they are made. Sensitive to others. Evan Bayh, passionate? Sorry, Mr. But don't think you have to be a do-gooder to take part in the charl- table event.

School-board member Shauna Riley Roe, who came up with the idea, says, "We have lots of husbands and wives who say, 'You stand over there on the other side. Tlie Fashion Mali Keystone at tlie Crossing www. Sunday Noon to 6 p. But don't let all the beautifying fool you: This pageant is about money and getting noticed— and we're not just talking about the contestant.

To host this year's event, Zionsville beat out bigger burgs, including Terre Haute, Anderson and Michigan City the pageant's home from to Breanne Rhoton Tisch, a and Miss Indiana fmalist and pageant organ- izer who now teaches at Zionsville's Stonegate Elementary, heard that the pageant was looking for a new venue and suggested Zionsville's new performing- arts center. The site is owned by the school corporation, and superintendent Howard Hull quickly agreed to the plan, saying the competition's wholesome ap- peal is in line with the district's mission.

But the numbers go well beyond just the participants: each will bring along a pageant posse of parents, friends, hairdressers, stylists and other supporters— all of whom will presum- ably enrich the coffers of local restau- rants and hostelries. Something Old, Something Renewed Eco-conscious brides-to-be are snubbing virgin paper in favor of stock that's been around the block a time or two, and Bloomington's Twisted Limb Paperworks is happy to oblige.

The studio, which specializes in handmade pap ers, sells its earth-friendly wedding line to the betrothed nationwide— 85 percent of Twisted Limb's business comes via the Internet. Made com- pletely from post-consumer waste, the papers come in 38 colors derived not from dye but from the scraps that go into the mix or twisted limbpaper. Maybe that's why he recently propo. Cynics when he throws cynics are right. Bayh Watch says: The But so is Bayh's bill. At Santarossa, we focus on the details that make your home an exceptional work of art.

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We have over 75 years of experience adding color, light and texture to homes throughout the midwest. Let our next masterpiece be your home. Coming here must have been quite a culture shock. My first experience eating out in Indiana was Wliite Castle. We had the French pastry chef, the silver pastry cart, rack of lamb, duck a Ibrange. But we made so many steaks well done.

People would cut them in big pieces and sit with their arms on the table and eat them. Very few people drank wine. I thought, "How can you eat with that martini? My guilty pleasures are sweets. But I'm very picky. They have to be cooked right. If I see a cookie and the color is not right. I know it's because somebody un- derbaked it. If it's not really brown. I won't cat it. What's the most common mistake young chefs make? They think they're talented if they pile one thing on top of another until you don't know anymore what it is you are eating.

Anything you'd like to change about Americans' dining habits? The portion sizes. We would not need all these fad diets if we would just eat a little less. But so many restaurants do bigger-is-better. The customers think. People love your personality as much as your food. This is what I love to do. I don't have to fiike it. What don't you love about ruling a dining empire? Speaking to my accountant for two hours is tedious. He can see that I'm looking out the window thinking about food while he is trying to tell me about numbers.

How does Puck's at the IMA differ from other versions around the country? The executive chef. Brad Gates, is from Indiana, and what we want to do is get with lociU farmers for homegrown ingredients. The museum is part of the environ- ment in which it is located, so we should take into account what is around us, whether it's goat cheese, fresh herbs or great Indiana tomatoes in the summer.

Who were your best celebrity regulars at Spago Holly- wood? Bono from U2 would ask for an eight-course meal, and he really knows about wine. And I had Sidney Poitier three, four times a week. He would come in by himself and read The New York Times. Sometimes I'd sit with him and talk politics. And the worst? Most celebrities were nice. But then we had the people who wanted to be celebrities, like the agents and lawyers. They were very difficult because they thought they didn't get the same treatment as the stars.

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And that might have been true. The woods are the next best thing to vir- gin territory within the city limits, while the tamer lawn area is filled with blue- bells, daffodils and jack-in-the-pulpit. Location W. Not so fast. Four acres are in a flood plain, the current owners want at least some of the woods preserved, and the only access to the property is a foot-wide private road. Plus, neighbors will make a fuss if someone tries to over- build the site. Even a buyer who intends to keep the property intact will have his work cut out for him: Though struc- turally sound, the main house needs a massive makeover.

But if you want to avoid having your masterpiece seem like a mistake when you get it home, Beth Hutchinson of Editions Limited shown above recommends that you start with a plan. Her tips: ThinIc first. Too many people go art- shopping with an 'Tll-know-it-when- l-see-it" attitude, and buy whatever catches their eye. Instead, decide where the artwork will be located in your home. And know how much you need: one large canvas or a se- ries of prints, a huge sculpture or a tiny accent piece?

Try before you buy. Most reputable galleries and many artists will let you borrow a piece you're consider- ing and keep it in your home for a few days to make sure it works. Get heip. Art consultants such as Hutchinson will make free house calls to help you select pieces that suit your personality, your decor and your budget. Mix It up. Works of art don't have to "match. And Hutchinson suggests grouping like objects.

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A wall full of black-and-white images, for example, is striking in almost any room. So he teamed with two friends to create Cut Jeans, a brand that takes into consideration hip dimensions as well as waist and inseam. Think bra sizes for your bottom half. Cut Jeans are available in sizes 0 through 16 and A through D. The letters indicate hip size: A for flatter bottoms, D for babies who got back. And how well does the system work? We asked a real woman— who is a 5' 9" size 10— to model Cut Jeans and other designer denims in the same price range.

Kenneth Cole size io "They're too long and a little big in the waist, though okay everywhere else. Ayres Glendale, Allen Schwartz size 30 "On the one hand, they feel like a girdle. On the other hand, the waist Is right. The true test is sitting. I'll pass. I'll take them! The flaps on the back pockets lay flat, and the front-pocket posi- tioning solves that top- of-the-thlgh wrinkle problem.

I'd buy these, S at Frankey's Paperdenlmcloth size 30 "The detailing and scuffing are cool, but it flares right at the bottom of the leg, which looks weird. I like the front, but they just don't fit right. The artist hand-forms translucent bowls by slicing and dehydrating more than 40 varieties of vegetables and fruits, then pressing the resulting strips into shape. She uses garden regulars— carrots shown , watermelons, bell peppers and purple cabbage— as well as rarer fare— star fruit, bok choy, Mexican papaya and lotus root.

The bowls are delicate, and purely decorative, but they still look like fresh produce: Seeds, rinds, veins and pods figure into the de- signs. The bowls take on an additional glow when a votive candle lights them from within. These will get you noticed. Our professional Interior Designer will assist you with your new home selections in one convenient location.

We do not use allowances which may be insufficient to complete the project. We prefer to provide you with the price of your selections and designs prior to commencing construction. This gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing that you will pay the original contracted price! We have a Guaranteed Buy program! If your existing home is not sold, to a third party, by the time your new home has been completed, then we will buy it, period.

This eliminates the worry of double house payments. See a Sales Representative for program details and restrictions. We invite you to experience our custom quality first hand. Executive Homes has up to date information on communities, neighborhoods and custom developments. Through Executive Homes Realty, Inc. Still, when the natives party at Summerfest June July 10 , beer and bratwurst rule again. Oh, and there's also music. The crowds— last year drew ,7.

For a flat admission fee to enter the festival grounds, you can sample rock, country and blues pert'ormances all day. Or let your appetite guide you to sauerbraten and apple strudel from Milwaukee's famous German restaurant, Mader's; Earl's Southern BBQ pork sand- wich; Crawdaddy's crabcakes; Charcoal Grill's beef brisket; and roasted ears of corn. Beer is everywhere, or for non-drinkers, root beer. If you don't stay for one of the separately ticketed evening concerts— such as Carlos Santana above — head to Art's Concertina Bar S.

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  • Mason, Art Museum Dr. For one-of-a-kind. Milwaukee St. Broadway Saxony Village, on the south side of is a residential and business community 'Prices effeciire 2 I OS embracing a mix of homes, eateries, entertainment venues and retailers. The Cottages at ricossnhj,rnochm,gc,riiho,,,noiur. Right 10 Olio Rd then South to the second entr. The Children's Museum of Indiaiici. An extraordinary experience in learning Open Daily, 10 a.

    Community Health Network and Indiana Fever.

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    Two Programs. One Goal. Indiana Fever vs. Through their individual programs, joint events and ongoing commitment, these organizations are making a healthier lifestyle a slam dunk. Community Health Network knew something had to be done. Obesity can cause an increased incidence of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer. To combat this serious health issue, we created "My Community Gets Healthy," a free program that gives people the tools they need to eat right, exercise, stay motivated and get fit. It's easy. To make your journey as successful as possible, we've provided the online tools and support to help you on your way.

    Health care calculators help you find everything from your ideal body weight to your target heart rate. An exercise tracking guide offers important health information and tips. It includes a pedometer and walking journal. Call or visit eCommunity. Community Health Network It's your Community! Take advantage of FREE blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings. Community health care professionals will assess your risk for diabetes and breast cancer and calculate your body fat and body mass index.

    Plus you can score a chance to win prizes. This springtime seminar helps raise self esteem to help lower the chance of drug use, alcoholism, teen pregnancy and crime. Several players join prominent women in the Indianapolis community in this incredibly valuable event. The school with the most students to complete a nine-week fitness challenge wins a one-hour Fever fitness and basketball clinic at their school.

    BE FIT. The first is nutrition, exercise and positive self-image. The second is breast health awareness. Twelve months a year. Fever players are out in the community and schools talking to children about fit- ness, exercise and self image, as well as the importance of reading. She has been the recipient of several WNBA Community Assist Awards and annually conducts her own local camps and clinics while she makes her home in Indianapolis.

    The WNBA and the Fever promote healthy lifestyles while pro- viding opportunities for kids in our community to succeed. If your school or organization would like to jjarticipate with the Fever in a reading or health-related initiative, contact Dan Gaines, community relations manager, at Visit the Fever web site at wnba. The Fever is fit, focused and ready to give their ail. So get your ticicets today. Watch the Fever really heat up — check out the Girls of Summer! Individual tickets for all Fever home games can be purchased at Conseco Fieldhouse Box Office and all Ticketmastcr outlets, by visiting www.

    JUNE Wed. J Wed. JULY Thu. All times are Indianapolis time. Times are subject to change. For season or group ticket Information, call Tejano and salsa music, and demonstrations of Cherokee quilKvork, Iroquois bead- work and Woodlands food preparation. Formerly a large-animal veterinarian. Black is now an acclaimed humorist who pens "On the Edge of Common Sense" for 1. Indy Jazz Fest June is officially back. Military Park.

    Lobsterina June 25 , a fundraiser for the city's ballet troupe, is in its second year. The inaugural event drew people who weren't embarrassed to wear bibs as they dug into steamed clams, chowder, mussels, Maine lobster, fresh com on the cob and roasted red pota- toes prepared by Foster's Downcast Clambake of York Harbor, Maine. And— once they wipe the butter off their chins— the Ballet's dancers and administrators will of course be on hand to chat about upcoming shows.

    Indiana State Fairgrounds. At Brew-Ha-Ha June U , you can do your own field re- search while supporting the Phoenix Theatre, the city's most forward-thinking thes- pian troupe. Now in its 10th year, the fundraiser is a jam- packed block party where microbrewers from all over the Midwest come to show off their wares. You can also sing karaoke, get a mehndi tattoo, dance to live music and tour the Phoenix itself. Rain or shine. Park Ave. The event reconfirms that Indy is the motorsports capital of the world— whether your ride is a nitro-burning funny car, an award-winning Ford Opera Coupe or a Jetta.

    Indianapolis Raceway Park. Free admission. Delaware St. S18 to S Hubert Circle Theatre. But DMB has a broader following— you don't have to wear tie-dye or be a year-old liv- ing in your mother's basement to appreciate the music but it doesn't hurt, either. Fresh off the heels of the release of Stand Up. Verizon Wireless Music Center Kim performs with pianist Gail Niwa in the season finale of the laureate se- ries.

    Indiana History Center Indiana Repertory Theatre. A change, however, is that there are just two stages, and no two artists will be performing at the same time, eliminating the need to choose between two acts you'd like to see. This year's lineup in- cludes artists as diverse as Susan Tedeschi, The Commodores and Tony Bennett, as well as the usual food, drink and souvenir ven- dors.

    For more information, see page The festival also in- cludes a lecture series on the history of the music. Call for times for individual concerts. Indianapolis History Center. Even now, Crown Hill's a good place to kill some time: The resting places of famous city residents make for intriguing tours as knowledgeable docents lead themed excursions to the graves of soldiers, authors, actors and more.

    Born to wealth, Fletcher grew his fortune as a young man and built a 40,square-foot mansion that, until last year, housed the Hudson Institute. But after his wife killed herself, Fletcher went broke and moved to L. After his son's suicide, Fletcher moved to New York, where he spent the last four years of his life.

    Today, thej testify about the fusion of global culture. Persians copj European stjles. American traders set up Himalajan workshops, and help relieve the suffering of the Tibetan people. Traditions evolve. Meaning persists. New wajs travel at the speed of sound. The soul of the rug lives on. Fall Creek Parkway Nokiii Drive. Conner Prairie, Allisonville Rd. In "Scripted," a young couple finds a script of their lives together on the night- stand, a discovery that forces them to exam- ine their relationship.

    In "The Kiss," a platonic friendship takes a turn for the unknown when Allison is asked by her best friend to evaluate his kissing skills. Further Mo' takes place onstage and in the dressing room at the theater, and fea- tures more blues, jazz and songs of the '20s and '30s. But what was Lizzie's motivation for wielding her weapon? Written by Christopher McGovern, the musical focuses on Borden's descent into the emotional and psychological turmoil that led to the grisly murders. The outcome of the musical's a given, but McGovern's story cap- tures a betrayed innocence and humanity.

    Afterward, Todd supposedly had the tastier bits of his victims cooked up in that singular of British dishes, the meat pie. Though it's a little more palatable to suppose Todd was nothing more than the monster English kids hid from under their blankets, the truth is, there was a Sweeney Todd who committed the crimes— just like this musical thriller says he did. Buck Creek Playhouse, Southeastern Ave.

    From the awkwardness of Valentine's Day to the promise of baseball season, it's all played out in one hour segment of Brown's life. Michigan Rd. Potato Head souvenir. Apparently there are also baseball games on those days. This month's schedule: Charlotte June ; Charlotte June 5 , 2 p. All games begin at 7 p. Victory Field, W. Maryland St. That both are conference games means they matter even more. Games be- gin at 7 p. Conseco Fieldhouse. It also brings a totally differ- ent variety of celebrity to the city: think Tommy Hilfiger, fashionistas and Hollywood types who love to rub elbows with the Euro racing set.

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For more infor- mation, seepage Three days of drag races so loud your ears bleed. Swap meets and cars for sale. Nightly parties. For more informa- tion, see page Crown Hill Cemetery, resting place for some of the city's most famous citizens, offers a slew of trips around the peaceful grounds.

    Libhv in the Studio 20x16 Oil on Linen www. Tour developer and guide Tom Davis says we're fascinated by the ghoul- ish, gossipy details because we think the rich and famous are different— but they're not. But they were still sleeping with the neighbor's wife, killing themselves and committing every other peccadillo the run-of-the-mill commit," he says. Reservations required. This exhibit tells the colorful story of school mascots, colors and nick- names, plus much more. Washington St. Cane- maker, a filmmaker and professor at New York University, talked to us between classes: IM: Who's your all-time favorite animator and character?

    Chuck Jones and a cartoon called "Feed the Kitty. Are animators born or made? Born animators tell stories via characters. But you can bring story- telling out in students— a quality they often don't know they have. Where will the next generation of animators come from? The univer- sities. When I was grow- ing up, there were no animation programs.

    At NYU, we teach 17 courses every semester. Animation seems to be everywhere these days. It used to be that Disney would release a film, rerelease it a few years later, then release it on video. They made you wait. Now, in a way, animation is almost too common. But we're gaining so much in terms of art and fantasy. Canema- ker speaks june p. Includes accommodations, round-trip airfare from Indianapolis, all on-board meals, entertainment, activities, taxes, and much more. A million ways to get fit on Carnival Suhjcit lo cliange and availability Restrictions apply.

    Ships registry: I'anania. Home hours: Mon. Besides demonstrating the changes I existing structures have undergone, it memo- i rializes the homes no longer standing. Hawthorne St. The exhibit contains some of Pyle's t most-prized books, including stories by Mark i Twain and John Steinbeck, travel guides, and I his wife's crossword-puzzle books. IHC i hours: Tues. Indiana History Center. Indiana— and Indianapolis— would be cata- j pulted into a position as a commercial mecca. In fact, it bankrupted the state i and was next to useless— until now.

    This tour i takes walkers along the many new buildings i and landmarks lining the canal. Tickets are available at Historic Landmarks Foundation j headquarters at W. Michigan St. While you're down on the farm I you'll prepare 19th-century meals, go to j school, feed the livestock even muck the i stalls! Your life as a 1 farmer begins at 10 a. Prairie hours: Tues. A ploce where medical expertise meets the uitimote spa experience. East of on 11 6th Street Why not withdraw your money without the government taking their "fair share" of your principal and earnings? Free with zoo admission.

    Museum hours: Thurs. Museum admission free. Senate Ave. La Fornarina "daughter of a baker" is famous for its seductive pose of a woman both trying to conceal her body and drawing attention to it with a gauzy cover. Indianapolis is but one of three U. Their works, including Art Nouveau and Art Deco vases, bowls, figurines and "grotesques" which one sister dubbed "humor of the kiln" were highly valued and received awards in Paris, Chicago, New York and other cities around the country.

    June 11 starts with a formal procession. Inside you'll find new galleries and class- rooms, a library, and a snazzy new cafe serv- ing up Southwestern cuisine. Museum hours: Tues. Washing- ton St. Museum hours: Mon. Otterness, a public artist, created figures that dotted a five-mile expanse of New York City's Broadway; see 25 Otterness creations, many of which are from the New York installation, sprinkled throughout downtown Indianapolis at Monument Circle, White River State Park, other cultural hotspots and random intersections.

    Call for information and a map of the locations. If only it were that easy! Call or check out www. Visitors at the grand opening may tour one of four galleries in Eskenazi Hall. Music from the Orkestra Projekt and hors d'oeuvres and refreshments round out the day. New York St. Please note that IM has a new e-mail address for Datebook submissions: datebook indymonthly.

    To submit your event for considera- tion, please send details dates, times, ticket prices, contact name, phone number, exact location and a brief description via e-mail; by U. Information should arrive in our offices at least three months before the event. It happens at baseball games, family barbecues and all the moments in between.

    JELD-WEN helps give you the peace of mind to enjoy these moments by crafting reliable windows and doors that are buiit to last. We're also committed to providing on-time, complete deliveries and hassle-free serv- ice. Learn more at vvww.

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    We keep our promises, so you can keep yours. Indiana Tel 3 1 7 Fax 3 1 7 www. The contest's first-place winner Is La Noticia On Hearing the News , a bold-but-dark acrylic-on- canvas portrait of a woman covering her face with her hands. For more information, see page so. Proceeds help The Wellness Community-Central Indiana, which provides programming, workshops and other assistance.

    Victory Field. Choose between the 5K and 5- mile courses, or do the i-mile walk. A post- race party at the track-and-field stadium will feature Ritter's frozen custard, pizza and beverages, as well as live music. Register at www. Run starts at 7 p. The story revolves around an Indianapolis-based evil genius maybe it's the affordable office space bent on world domi- nation.

    Two super-spies— Janies Fond and Awesome Powers— are enlisted to save the day. Proceeds go to support educational pro- grams that introduce live theater to more than 50, schoolchildren annually. The evening includes dinner, cocktails, a silent auction and more. Dressed in black-tie or as their fa- vorite star, carpet-goers will be part of a live broadcast under the stars and enjoy appe- tizers from Bonefish Grill. Silent and live auctions are included, and the second an- nual "Shining Star Award" will be given at this benefit for the Children's Theatre.

    Central Ave. Music from 10 live bands, food from 65 different restaurants, complimentary drinks, a tropi- cal oasis, even a special VIP party: It's a dizzying barrage of sensory stimuli, all to benefit our animal friends at the zoo and celebrate the return of the Atlantic bot- tlenose dolphins to their new exhibit. But here's the rub— tickets for the event sold out months ago.

    Your mission now is to ei- ther weasel one from a friend, employer or scalper it's legal here in Indy, after all , or remind yourself to buy tickets for when they go on sale again come February 1. Indianapolis Zoo. The answer, of course, is "true. In this case, proceeds go to support the Phoenix Theatre.

    Now in its 10th year, Brew-Ha-Ha is a sprawling down- town block party in the historic Chatham Arch neighborhood that includes sampling the region's best microbrews, food, music even karaoke , mehndi artists and tours of the theater itself Rain or shine. Hosted by Meals on Wheels, the event raises funds to assist homebound and disabled elderly in the Indianapolis area. Park at the Robert Irsay Pavilion off of Ditch Rd; shuttles run throughout the day to the neighborhood. Crooked Stick in Carmel, between th and th streets off of Ditch Road.

    Giving money to a worthy cause— in this case, the Fishers Pointe Cooperative Preschool? It's the primordial thrill of throwing a plump balloon filled with water at another human being. Entrants will throw as many water balloons as they can there are 25, biodegradable missies ready to go — at each other— in five minutes in order to both make It into the Guinness Book of World Records and raise money for the school, which teaches through a developmentally appro- priate, play-based curriculum.

    Activities and food vendors will be on hand, too. And bring your goggles, because they're required. Holland Pork, 1 Park Dr. For more infor- mation, see page It's so big, we call it Bahari, Swahili for "immense sea. It's a sea full of fun for your entire family! Monument Circle, northwest quad- rant. But the star of the day may well be Baxter Black, the Cowboy Poet. Black, the fea- tured performer for the Perelman Wing's grand opening, made a living "tormenting cows" in New Mexico before beginning a ca- reer as a widely acclaimed poet and hu- morist.

    Grand Prix attracts fewer spectators than the or the Brickyard, but what Its fans lack in nunnbers, they make up for in rowdy enthusiasm. Think face-painting, flag- waving loyalists who support their drivers by blaring horns as they zoom around the Indi- anapolis Motor Speedway at speeds of up to miles per hour. On the 2. The race begins at 1 p. June You'll also find food, music and a sense of well-being, know- ing some of the proceeds go to help maintain this stately neighborhood.

    Between Michigan and 10th streets. A garden market, show and sale of professionally created container gar- dens will also be on hand, jo 0. Hawthorne St, Zionsville. Ripley's also holds specialty auctions throughout the year that focus on items like modern design, jewelry and the like. Times vary. A vintage fashion show, historic photo exhibit and other attractions are also included. Woodruff Place, between 10th and Michigan streets. Besides enjoying the area's history and charm, visitors can see how homeowners have retrofitted 21st-century technology and modern interior design into their homes.

    S N. Meridian St. Call 'WINE for more information. Food and some activities not included. No re-entry; no pets; no outside food or beverage. Helping children and adults with disabilities through outpatient therapies, employment support, assistive technology, case management and more. Visit us at www. Grab some lunch. Pick out some vegetables, or maybe a tasty hunk of award-winning cheese, meats, breads, herbs or other specialties, to a.

    City Marltet, E. Market St. Marion Municipal Airport. Yet the Village feels put upon to clean up its act, at least for a day, and lure unsuspecting families into the area so they can ply them with, well, really good food, great music and decent, fully clothed fun. Price TBA. Elmo Steak House and Zydeco's 5, all while browsing art and wine vendors sprinkled throughout Military Park. Live music, cooking demos and a wine trail are also included.

    Military Park, W. New York Street. It also includes ethnic cuisines, dance, storytelling and more, all to showcase the diverse cul- tures found here in Indiana. Piled high over shortcakes, sales of these berries go to support outreach efforts by Christ Church Cathedral. Monument Circle. Music and a traditional religious procession make this a festival you might not want to refuse.

    Free admission; food vendors individually priced. Don't miss the dancing and cooking demonstrations. Sherman Dr. Come to admire and purchase artworks from local and not-so- local artists and roam the plus vendor booths set up along Talbott Street and sev- eral side streets in Herron-Morton Place. Talbott Street, between i6th and 19th streets. University Park, www. Held in the parking lot of the shops at 54th Street near the Monon Trail, it features more than 60 local artists and shops from the Pennsylvania Parkway Indianapolis, IN and U locations statewide. Galleries, shops and restaurants are open late for your brows- ing pleasure while you celebrate the arts.

    Downtown Ziomville. Jewish Community Center, Hoover Rd. The alley that was the fair's origi- nal site no longer exists, but as the event evolved into a plus-vendor juried art show. It stayed determinedly close to its roots. Attendees still pay no admission fee, and the fair itself has held fast to its original spelling of Talbot Street. Yes, Tal- bott Street is spelled with two t's in the area where the fair takes place, but the artists cling to the one-t spelling in hom- age to the original location, south of 16th Street, where Talbot is a six-letter word.

    For this year's soth-anniversary show, artists will line Talbott from 16th to 19th streets, as well as several side streets in the historic Herron-Morton Place neigh- borhood, which hosts the event. Vendors will be set up io a. For more informa- tion, contact Carole Veatch at or Personalized features and design excellence. Call today to see our collection of Classic examples. You II experience three floors of entertaining, interactive and constantly changing exhibits designed to''-- rt.

    Add a two-story gilt shop, the L S. Ayres Tea Room, plus much more, and you II find everything you re looking lor Better still, quite a few things you re not. This film shadows a group of scientists as they try to learn more about these majestic animals, fol- lowing several dolphin species through the turquoise waters of the Bahamas and be- yond. Call for times. Indiana State Museum, W. Unlike classier "film bars," Dorman doesn't serve gussied-up food: Small bags of chips, nuts and microwave popcorn round out the menu.

    It's perfectly acceptable to have pizza delivered. Filmgoers range from local artsy types to beret-wearing rogues and pro- fessionals interested in something different. Get there early: Seating is limited, and the widescreen TV is right next to the door. Free admission, goi Dorman St The dinosaur lived nearly million years ago in what is now sub-Saharan Africa. One of the largest in the nation, the Fishing Derby also includes free refreshments, goodie bags for each participant and prizes awarded at random.

    Eagle Creek Pork, W. Call for locations for individual shovrs. Activities include making hardtack, pokesacks, musketballs, candles and, at the end of the week, a wartime feast. Besides creating different types and sizes of puppets, campers also learn about lighting and set design. Your home is more then o roof over your head. It's a voluoble asset that shelters you end your valued possessions. We know you need on insurance company that understands the way you live. With more thon 1 20 years of experience, a well-earned reputotion for prompt ond foir claim settlements, and speciol expertise in insuring fine homes and their contents, Chubb Is as different from other insurance companies as a home is from a house.

    To see how we can create a personol insuronce program from Chubb to meet your sophisticated needs, please call us. Visitors can explore the house on their own or through dally tours. Hours: Mon.

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    Scott St. Through artifacts and photographs, this exhibition chronicles the story of how the lake, the land and Father Sorin became indelible parts of the university's history. Center hours: Tues. The exhibition includes three groups of paintings— women, still lifes, and leisure and country scenes— along with a collection of sculpture. Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Once a sawmill, then an indoor horse arena, the Opry opened its stage in Today, 30 years later.

    It seats 2, people. Show times vary. Steele State Historic Site, T. Steele Rd. Hanna Ave. Fishers connerprairie. Pennsylvania St. Capitol Ave. Ohio St. Washington SL indianapoliszoo. New Jersey St. Call for your complimentary consultation on an incredible outdoor living space Named the Business of the Year by the Carmel Chamber of Commerce I have been nothing short of obsessed with getting married since I was about, oh, 4 years old.

    As a kid, I used to dress up in a costume wedding gown, complete with veil and ring, and marry my older brother, who would walk down the aisle on his knees. We performed the ceremony every time he came home from college, and he'd consummate the union by giving me a big fat zerbert on my tummy. But here I am, 22 years later, and my childhood obsession burns on: I'm still waiting for my wedding day. More precisely, I am waiting, not very patiently, for the emerald-cut ring I picked out long before I picked my boyfriend.

    We have been dating for two years, which seems about the standard gestation period for a relationship these days, and I am ready to get on with it. They have only to think up an outlandish proposal, take a trip to Classy Chassy for their bachelor party and rent a tux. I, on the other hand, as a typical wedding-fixated woman, have spent countless hours fretting over whether I want a traditional Jewish ceremony or a Rastafarian theme, what hnens and tableware I should choose for the gift registry, and whether my future mother-in-law and I will stay friends throughout all the planning.

    Heart racing, I drew a crude dia- gram on a cocktail napkin— which he glanced at and then threw away. But I was so convinced that he was, in the very, very near future, about to bestow a giant, sparkly rock that I started getting my nails done weekly and put my friends and family on "engagement watch. Now, whenever I talk to anyone who knows the backstory— a list that includes my co-workers, therapist, aesthetician and even the salesgirl at Banana Republic— the first question I hear is, "So, when are you getting engaged?

    Correct discoloration, improve tone and texture, minimize large pores. Nathan VoukIs and Annette Botven. It will probably happen Actually, based on information from a confidential source— his mom asked my ring size not long ago— I 'm optimistic that soon the ring will be snugly on my finger and I will be furiously dieting, deciding who among family and friends merits a wedding invitation, and generally acting like the bridezilla that I deserve to be.

    But every once in awhile, I do wonder why, at age 26 and with my law career taking off, I'm so obsessed with getting married, why I dream about this one day and all its ancillary glory more than any other as- pect of my life. Maybe it's the realization that the traits that helped make me a lawyer— am- bition, persistence, determination— aren't My friends and I began critiquing each other's polenliiil spouses way back in Junior high school. Eveiy time one of us mel someone new, we debated whether he was 'I'he One. Somehow, the fact that this one part of my life is not in my control only fans the flame of my obsession higher.

    But I think there's more to my marriage mania. In other cities, I would be way too young to heed the call of domesticity. On the East Coast, on the West Coast and in many places in between, professional women in their mid-twenties regard career as Job One. In Indiana, however, the average bride says "I do" by the time she's No wonder women my age feel caught between the office and the al- tar: While society urges us to strive for in- dependence, the girl within us sees her friends getting married and says, "I want someone to spoon with, too.

    Concern for the environment inspired Hamilton Proper's wildlife habitats and natural vistas which include over lOO acres of preserved wetlands. Throughout the protected areas are more than 60 birdhouses specially constructed for the eastern bluebird, a "recovering" species. Hamilton Proper is also home to blue herons, woodducks, deer and several other species of wildlife and waterfowl. Site ofthe Indianapolis Monthly Dream Home. I don't think if s a coincidence that my friends are getting married right after grad school to guys they met there. We have the same M.

    We just won't admit it. My friends and I began critiquing each other's potential spouses way back in jun- ior high school. Every time one of us met someone new, we debated whether he was The One. In hindsight, our predictions were pitiful— more often than not, the prospective Mr.

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    Right loved his mother a bit too much and had an abnormal fasci- nation with female video-game charac- ters. That" s right: We're so ready to believe in marriage that we regard as potential husbands men who should be dismissed as punch lines. Like most of my friends, I can tell you the details of my wedding day even though I have no idea when it might ar- rive. I know what the dress will look like white, long, strapless. Whaf s harder for me to envision is post-wedding life. In my youth, I was so fixated on walk- ing down the aisle that I gave no thought to what being a wife would entail, what would happen after the honeymoon, how my husband and I would build a life to- gether.

    Indeed, the reality of marriage seemed so distant that I never bothered to consider what my soulmate might look like, smell like or do for a living. Turns out he has brown eyes that glitter like am- ber, favors Old Spice deodorant and is liv- ing proof that, yes, insurance agents can be dreamy.

    Luckily, those details fell into place on their own, because I don't think I could have created a more perfect part- ner than the man I hope to one day call my husband. And I say that even though he made me get rid of my beloved pound cat, Al, by threatening to feed him to his German shepherd.

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