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WHY THE CAMBER?!? - Drift Alignments Explained

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Big O Tires Promo Code 1. BFGoodrich Coupon Codes 1. Manual transmissions should be serviced about every 60, miles to 90, miles depending on the loads they pull and the conditions they operate in. More often under heavy loads or in dusty or off road conditions. If they are operated in moderate conditions the service intervals can go up. Automatic transmissions service intervals are more important.

They should be serviced about every 30, miles to 60, miles depending on the loads they pull and the conditions they operate in. More often under heavy loads or in dusty or off road conditions or a lot of around town driving. We recommend the flush be done about every other time. Reset all conventionally adjustable settings for front and rear to factory settings, provide before and after printout of settings.

Non adjustable rear suspensions will have front wheels set to the fixed rear wheel thrust angle. At the factory, alignment is set with very sophisticated equipment. In the best of worlds that setting will last for the life of the vehicle. However, in the real world, alignment can be effected by all manner of road hazards. This is most importantly unsafe, hurts fuel economy and effects tire life. While aligning just the front of a vehicle 2 wheel can help vastly.

Service a Fleet of Vehicles

It is always better to align a vehicle with all 4 wheels set together 4 wheel or thrust angle. This makes sure all 4 are properly aligned to each other. We recommend an alignment every other year, whenever you are unsure of how the vehicle is handling or whenever the tires show signs of uneven wear. Exchange hydraulic system fluid for either brakes or clutch with special BG solvent kit, replace fluid.

Automotive braking systems rely on hydraulic fluid pressure to transfer the pressure that is applied at the brake pedal to the friction surfaces at the wheels.

6 in. Rubber Heavy Duty Swivel Caster

This fluid must withstand a combination of extreme heat and pressure. The fluid that works best for both requirements has some drawbacks. The make up of the fluid attracts moisture. Since the system has to be vented to the outside air, after some time moisture will contaminate the fluid. The worst thing about moisture-contaminated fluid is that when it gets very hot from use it will boil.

This can create a loss of brakes when you need them most. The other bad thing is that the moisture attacks the inside of the hydraulic system. This can lead to very expensive repairs especially if a vehicle is equipped with antilock brakes. Most modern manual transmissions have a very similar hydraulic system to work the clutch.

The fluid for the clutch is very similar to brake fluid. It also attracting moisture and has the same drawbacks from contamination. For these reasons we recommend a brake fluid flush. And if equipped with a hydraulic clutch the same flush for the clutch system. We recommend this service be done about every 2 to 3 years. Clean E. Nitrous Oxides are a byproduct of an internal combustion engine. It is considered one of the worst pollutants they produce.

Modern vehicles are designed to reduce all pollutants in various ways. The EGR system reduces nitrous oxides by reducing the burn temperature of the combustion process. The system does just that. It takes a controlled amount of exhaust gasses and passes it through the combustion process again. After some time this residue can clog up the passages. When this happens, pollution is increased. Most modern vehicles will not pass a state emissions test with a restricted EGR system. If it gets too bad clogged up, the computer will turn on a warning light.

Most modern vehicles are designed so this rarely happens.

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The more around town and slow speed driving that is done the more likely the system will clog up. Some vehicles may need the EGR system cleaned after 60, to , miles. Some vehicles may never need it. We offer this service on a as needed basis. Service front or rear differential by replacing old fluid with special BG fluid. It works in the dirtiest environment on a vehicle and hardy ever complains.

It is designed to change the flow of power from one direction to another. It runs in a fluid that has to lubricate all the working parts, do it in extreme temperature variables and do it while operating in the muck and mud. Modern GM differentials come lubricated with a synthetic fluid that rarely wears out. However, working gears and bearings do wear out. The metal that wears mixes with the lubricant and after lots of wear can become a metal soup.

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The more metal in the soup the faster parts can wear. We recommend the fluid to be changed periodically to prevent this wear from becoming a problem. It should be changed somewhere between 60, and , miles. Previous 1 2 3 Next. Joint Applicant's Information. Hours Of Operation. Sales Service Parts Body Shop. Body Shop. Keep your vehicle in top condition. Let the certified Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC experts at our Newnan dealership give the kind of auto maintenance your vehicle deserves. The cutting-edge service facility is well equipped for any kind of auto repair or maintenance concern, including brake service, transmission repair, engine repair, tire installation, tune-ups, and oil changes.

If you have questions, go ahead and contact us at Our service specials will definitely entice you!