Cyber monday deals on wii games

As is the case with other digital sales, these aren't the best prices available this Black Friday; many of the games could be found cheaper at various retailers, but if you're planning on purchasing these titles digitally, these will likely be your best options for the foreseeable future. The 3DS Eshop has a bigger selection of discounts.

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The Wii U Eshop likewise doesn't have any major first-party titles on sale, though you can pick up some great indie games for the system at reduced prices. You can find the full list of discounted titles on Nintendo's website. For our complete coverage of Black Friday deals, be sure to check out the links below.

Cyber Deals 2018 – Up to 75% off! (Nintendo eShop)

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This stealth-action game puts you in the role of Agent 47, once again working to infiltrate security systems and assassinate a bevy of questionable targets swiftly and discreetly. Buy at GameStop: Hitman 2.

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Call of Duty is a hot commodity every year. Some people come for the single-player campaign, but Black Ops 4 is a purely multiplayer experience.

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In place of the over-the-top story mode--and adjacent to the traditional PvP and Zombies multiplayer modes--a new battle royale competition has been introduced. It's not surprising to see that happen, but it is reassuring to see how smoothly Call of Duty's tried-and-true DNA translated to the new style of play.

Today's best Wii U prices

Well, at this point, it looks like GameStop will be the only store selling Fallout 76 at a discount--and a hefty one at that. Buy at GameStop: Fallout With robotic dinosaurs and other types of monstrous creatures roaming a world on the verge of post-apocalyptic recovery, you have little more than primitive weapons, quick wits, and modest acrobatics with which to fight back. The odds will feel stacked against you, but that only makes victory over the vicious alloy beasts all the sweeter.

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For even more savings, join the free PowerUp Rewards program to earn points and get advance notice of discounts and promotions. If you've got your Wii U controller connected to Steam , you're in luck because sales are frequent. Check out its week-long deals, daily deal and special promotions. If you're the patient sort; save games to your Wishlist and get notification when they go on sale. Remember to take a look at bundles, a group of games sold together at substantial savings.

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As the name suggests, Gamesdeal is a great source for Wii U game codes and deals. The offers change regularly, so scroll through the selections frequently to see if your desired game is available for your platform. If your game needs a little help, you'll want deals on enhancers like GameShark. You can find these helpful units at Amazon , eBay and Jet. All of these sites offer products at discounted prices, and if you wait for Wii U game coupons, you can score additional savings from Jet and eBay. Jet provides discounts on specific products or categories, such as Wii U accessories.

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