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CNBC Make It recently crunched the numbers on 26 grocery items, including fresh produce, baking ingredients, meat, and household items such as trash bags and laundry detergent. When we compared the price per unit to BJ's Wholesale Club, BJ's came out ahead in 18 categories where both retailers sold a similar product. Keep in mind that Costco has many exclusive book gift sets, so the prices may not be an apples-to-apples comparison.

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But to be on the safe side, you should check your Amazon app before adding any books to your cart at Costco. Costco offers a lot of discounted health services to its members. So before you go to your doctor's office or local clinic, check to see if your local Costco offers the same service at a better price. For example, a number of Costco locations provide free diabetes, osteoporosis and heart health screenings.

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This program, which is free for members to join, is not insurance, but does provide additional discounts on top of Costco's already low prices. Many Costco locations also have hearing aid services, which can be a great value. Costco also provides free hearing aid cleanings and checkups, as well as loss and damage coverage, according to the store's website. Plus, Costco gives a day money-back guarantee, so if you're having trouble with your hearing aids, you can return them. It pays to diversify a bit and have a routine that includes multiple stores when it comes to your groceries and other everyday household items, Demer says.

If you're a devoted coupon clipper, you may be better off, in many cases, at your local grocery store. That's because Costco doesn't accept manufacturer coupons , although they do have their own coupons and promotional offers. You don't need to be an Amazon Prime member to use this service. However, you do need to set up regular deliveries, such as once a month or every two weeks, to take advantage of the discounted pricing.

Even if you head to Costco regularly, you need at least one other place to shop as well. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox.

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All Rights Reserved. Skip Navigation. Warranties vary by model and manufacturer, but Costco provides free loss and damage protection with no deductible for most hearing aids. Costco also checks and cleans hearing aids at no charge, and the Hearing Centers hold frequent events where you can see demonstrations of hearing aids and the accessories available with some hearing aid models. The majority of Costco Hearing Center and hearing aid reviews are mixed with many stores receiving positive reviews and ratings, but other stores having less than stellar ratings among customers.

Customers who wrote reviews on ConsumerAffairs gave Costco Hearing Centers a cumulative score of just under three out of five stars. The majority of complaints revolve around store location, appointment times or trouble with some hearing aid models. Do Costco Hearing Centers take Medicare?

Medicare does not cover hearing aids and only pays for hearing tests done to diagnose a medical condition. If you have a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan , you may have some degree of hearing aid coverage. Check your plan documentation or speak with your insurance provider to determine if you have coverage for hearing aids. Is there a doctor at Costco Hearing Aid Centers?

Not all Costco locations have a doctor on staff in hearing aid centers, but trained employees can adjust and care for each hearing aid model sold. Employees who perform hearing tests have additional training. Can Costco repair hearing aids? Your hearing aids will need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs in most cases. The time required to complete the repair varies based on the type of fix and the manufacturer policies. Does Costco offer discounts on hearing aids? Will my insurance cover hearing aids from Costco?

Most health plans currently on the market do not cover hearing aids or offer only limited coverage. Those offering limited coverage may pay a small portion of the cost and could have coverage limits related to the diagnosis. An exception is hearing aids for children with twenty states mandating this coverage in some capacity on health insurance plans.

With nearly 33 percent of people age 64 and over and half those over age 75 needing hearing aids, finding affordable solutions can be a challenge for seniors. Costco uses their bulk buying power to help reduce hearing aid costs while still providing an in-person fitting with service after the sale. Many Costco members can learn about and shop the variety of brands available at Costco Hearing Centers with no pressure to buy.

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I have owned Widex hearing aids for almost two years with none of the technical issues described by others. I have read the complaints about going to an audiologist, but that is a necessary part of adjusting hearing aids to your changing hearing. A good audiologist will gradually adjust your heading aids so that you can get accustomed to them.

I have found Widex to be an excellent brand and they have helped my hearing considerably, particularly with speech. When I take them out there is a huge difference. The biggest issue that I have is in noisy restaurants, the bane of all of us with hearing problems. Hearing aids amplify all sounds but you can program your Widex hearing aids to turn off the microphone in the back to reduce noise from people behind you.

No hearing aid is perfect and I haven't tried other brands but when these require replacement I will stick with Widex. One note of caution: these are very expensive electronic devices and should be handled with care. These are my first hearing aids. They are OK but I don't notice much improvement in my overall hearing; except high pitch tiny sounds are much louder and annoying.

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My real complaint is the customer is locked into using a hearing aid dealer. The dealer I used only showed me Widex brands; I was not provided an opportunity to consider other brands. Get Deal. Valid until: June 23, Valid until: Up to revocation. Shop now and save on the Wilmington storage shed.

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Costco products Costco pretty much sells almost everything you could want. Auto Program—Costco has partnered with various car dealerships to give their members the best prices, experience, and support they can get.

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Tires—Along with selling tires, Costco will also install tires and do regular maintenance. Floral—Costco offers floral services for everyday use and for events such as weddings, banquets, and parties. Gasoline—Many Costco stores provide gasoline at special member prices.

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Hearing Aids—Costco stores also include hearing aid centers where customers can get hearing tests, product demonstrations, and order hearing aids. Optical—Many stores have optical departments where customers can get an evaluation from a Doctor of Optometry and purchase the glasses or contact lenses according to their prescription. Pharmacy—The Costco pharmacy can fill all prescriptions and can provide store pickup or home delivery. Photo Center—The photo center provides a full range of printing services from small photos to large banners and posters. admin