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Below is an internet and television advertisement for the Aptamil brand, promoting it as based on 40 years of breastmilk research. There should be no advertising or other form of promotion to the general public of products within the scope of this Code. The Code covers all breastmilk substitutes — that is any product that substitutes for breastmilk including follow-on formula and milks for older babies — feeding bottles and teats.

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Such advertising also breaks the UK Regulations, though this has not been tested in court as the enforcement authorities have not yet brought a prosecution. It is illegal to advertise infant formula to the public.

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Scientific and factual information can be provided to health workers and infant formula can be advertised to the retail trade. In order to achieve compliance, companies will therefore need to [inter alia] ensure that formula advertising does not:.

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The example below is typical as the brand used for the infant formula dominates. The advertiser tries to squeeze through the follow-on formula loophole by including a picture of a tin of follow-on formula. The ASA levies no fines and requires no corrections. It enforces its own voluntary code and is funded by the advertising industry.

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The formula pictured in the advertisement is incorrectly labelled as it is virtually identical to the infant formula. The regulations state with regard to formula labels:. Infant formula and follow-on formula shall be labelled in such a way that it enables consumers to make a clear distinction between such products so as to avoid any risk of confusion between infant formula and follow on formula. You will find this information in printed form in our monitoring kit.

Advertising of breastmilk substitutes Summary: International Code and Resolutions The Code and Resolutions prohibit all advertising and other forms of promotion of breastmilk substitutes, feeding bottles and teats. UK regulations The UK Law prohibits advertising and promotion of infant formula only marketed for use from birth.

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Details Formula is widely advertised in the UK. Advertising such as this breaks the Code and Resolutions. Each token may only be redeemed once. Only original tokens will be accepted. Photocopies and any other attempts to reproduce tokens will not be accepted and the offending Collector will be removed from the promotion permanently. The Promoter reserves the right, provided it acts reasonably , to remove a Collector from the scheme if it feels they could be misusing or abusing the scheme or acting contrary to the spirit of the scheme.

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The Promoter will be the final arbiter in any decisions and these will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into. Delamere Dairy will not be held accountable for tokens lost in the post. It is the responsibility of the Collector to cover the cost of the postage of tokens to the Promoter. The Collector must include with their tokens a cheque made payable to 'Delamere Dairy Ltd' to cover postage and handling costs of the toy goat to a UK address. The Promoter makes no warranty that access to the Delamere Toy Goat web page will be uninterrupted or error-free and shall have no liability for any failure to access such website.

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Once you've collected 15 tokens, simply send them to us along with the following: Your name Your full postal address incl. If no preference is stated you may receive either colour. If you would like to redeem more than one toy goat, please see postage costs for multiple goats below. WA16 9BH.

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Collectors cut tokens from the side of the cartons. There is one token available per carton. Collectors must collect 15 tokens in order to redeem a toy goat.