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May the G-d of Zion rest his soul and may you be blessed for the mitzvah which you are performing. NEW YORK - The man who was a factor in building the Jewish Centers into the institution in Jewish life they are today, Louis Kraft, was being mourned by thousands who came in contact with him in positions he held from to and later until when he resigned as executive director of the National Jewish Welfare Board.

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He was 84 years old. Gutmann, who served Temple Brith Sholom here for 30 years, died at the age of They were run down while visiting in Montreal, a city where the Franks had many friends and where he was an editor before moving to the United States. Frank Was Haimish M. Frank Grove: Please find enclosed a check to go to M. Frank's favorite charity in his memory.

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We, my husband and I, so admired his literary contributions to your publication. We miss his articles very much.

In addition to the foregoing, 1 wish to express our appreciation for your very informative and lucid publication Several of our friends also subscribe. May your subscription list grow from strength to strength.

Frank A Great Man M. Frank Grove: By way of proving that I read your paper, I am making a second response to a contribution appeal, in this case, in memory of M.


He said that one alternative was for Israelis to reduce their standard of living and accept lower wages in order to lower production costs. Pfeiffer blends natural ingredients-domestic and imported-with carefully selected spices. Any other use constitutes fraud. Invoices showing purchase of sufficient stock to cover coupons presented for payment must be shown on request.

Coupon void if taxed, restricted or forbidden by law; or if redeemed by other than s retailer. For payment, mail coupon to: Pfeiffer's Foods, Inc.. All rights reserved. Powered by Veridian. Because it did so well when it was introduced two years ago in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, the country's two worst yogurt markets, the company was encouraged to bring it to New York, the best market. Like watching your diet and cheating it.

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Who wouldn't love Henri's Yogurt Dressings. The yogurt formulation was arrived at, Mr. O'Rourke said, with the spoonables three times that and growing. And four companies hold 80 percent of that market—Kraft; Thomas J. Henri's is battling giants, but the same spirit that emboldened it to come to New York has also got it making a beachhead on the West Coast, more yogurt country.

O'Rourke says that his presentation to buyers was a simple one. He just got them to sample their favorite version of the product. The former had a recipe for French dressing and the latter, sales talent. Both are still active with the company.

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It is, said Mr. While most of Henri's sales are concentrated in the Middle West, it has other pockets of activity in Florida, Southern California and Arizona. Why so? Because folks who have retired there from Midwestern climes have brought their tastes with them. Henri's is working two production shifts these days helping in its small way to satisfy the growing love of salads in America. And it is growing. Henri's research shows that while people in its potential market were serving salads three to five times a week 14 years ago, today 28 percent of the families interviewed served salads at seven meals a week.

Notice how healthy everyone looks? Martin Marietta Returns.

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It is the first campaign created for it by VanSant Dugdale Inc. The ads, and there will be eight of them, have been running in The New Yorker and Newsweek in an effort to efficiently reach people involved in public issues. They include a music teacher in Nebraska, a man that works with black young people in California, a steel plant worker in Alabama, a male nurse in Texas, a Maine lobsterman, a volunteer fire company in Oregon, a farm family in Montana and a Maryland family in the produce business. Spanish Scientific American. Usually companies don't explain why they've selected especially exotic locales for their sales meetings.

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